I’m not sure if I should prepare for the SAT or the ACT. What do you recommend?

The SAT and ACT differ in format, timing, scoring and subject matter. For example, the ACT has a science section and permits a calculator, while the SAT provides more time per question. Usually one test suits a student’s strengths better.

To determine best fit, we have the student take our diagnostic SAT and our diagnostic ACT, conduct a detailed review of the results and anecdotal information about the student’s historical testing performance including any concerns over pacing/time management and anxiety, as well as consider the student’s coursework so that we may make a data-driven recommendation for either the SAT or ACT.

Should I still work on improving my test scores if I am applying to test-optional schools?

In a smaller pool of students submitting tests, this is an opportunity to rise to the top of the pool with stellar scores. It is one of the very few components of the application that you can leverage reliably.

Test scores are often the basis for merit-based scholarships, which we have seen more and more of over the last few admissions cycles in order to enroll students at one school over another.

Who are the test prep instructors?

Our team of tutors is a wonderful group of supportive, encouraging young men and women based throughout the United States. We have chosen to partner with them because they have demonstrated creative approaches to addressing the diverse learning styles and schedules of our clients.

They have all scored in the top 1% on standardized tests, and they maintain their familiarity with the testing experience by sitting for one of the tests every year.

Is homework assigned as part of the test prep?

Most students take on approximately one hour of homework between sessions. In some cases, we assign more and other times, students prefer to do all of their work with the tutor and opt-out of independent assignments.

How much tutoring will I need to do to reach my target?

In our experience, students start to see quantitative improvement at a minimum of 12 hours, spread over 4-6 weeks. Students who are aiming to make significant gains may require 25 or 40 hours of preparation. This will be discussed upon completion of the diagnostic test so that we can make an accurate prediction about the trajectory of score increases.

How will I know I’m ready to finish prepping and take the test?

Students will take at least one practice test before taking the real test to measure improvement and provide additional desensitization with the testing experience.

When are tutoring sessions offered?

Since all of our sessions are offered one-on-one, they are scheduled at your convenience. We work with students around the world and can accommodate challenging schedules. Since the beginning, we have offered our test prep online, so we are nimble in an online format.

What are the test prep fees?

Our one-on-one, custom tutoring packages begin at $2,700 for 12 hours of expert instruction. We always aim to spend the least amount of time tutoring necessary to achieve your goals – there is no busy work or group work or unnecessary review.