A Bespoke Team

From time to time, the unique needs of our clients allow us to include additional counsel from our team of experts.

Ranging from psychologists to music producers, we have access to a network of esteemed professionals in a wide range of fields and industries including hospitality, luxury retail, private equity, management consulting, dentistry, medicine, and corporate law.

Our regional experts in Europe and the Middle East provide support for family repatriation/relocation, translation of documents, school selection from preschool through university, and school liaison and advocacy representation to ensure a seamless transition into or out of the local education system, whether it be public or private.

Available on an hourly basis to supplement Ms. Wrubel’s guidance, our partners enable us to provide the best advice on niche topics.  Located worldwide, our advisors are available for consultation via Zoom.

Of Counsel: Our Experts

Mr. Sean Quinn

Standardized Testing Strategist

A graduate of Columbia’s MFA Writing program and a National Merit Scholar at the University of Southern California, Mr. Quinn has ten years’ experience leading a team of master tutors who have placed in the top 1% of test-takers worldwide and are graduates of some of the finest institutions in the world including Harvard and Yale.

Sean and his colleagues teach a wide range of subjects, with a heavy focus on the ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, math, and writing. Beyond his own extensive experience working with students in New York City and Italy for test prep and academic support, Sean has worked with hundreds of students online in over a dozen countries.

Dr. Scott Koenig

Performance Management Expert

Dr. Scott Koenig, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist who has decades of experience supporting students throughout their educational journeys. In addition to determining if any accommodations such as additional time to complete an exam or assignment would improve outcomes, Dr. Koenig identifies and leverages students’ strengths, while working through any behavior, habits, or limiting thoughts that may be preventing them from reaching their goals. 

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If you need a more tailored solution to support your child throughout the process, please reach out to discuss what additional expertise we can provide. Our precise approach will ensure that your investment of time and resources is well allocated and directly improves your child's outcomes. Connect with us to begin building your team.

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