Admissions-Focused Test Prep

Our data-driven approach to test prep centers around precise strategy—delivered in classes of one.

One size fits one. Every student receives a customized plan and is paired with a tutor who fits his or her personality and specializes in the areas necessary for growth. Flexible scheduling means a student can work in peak state, whether that is 8 a.m. or 9 p.m.

Each part of our process is backed by decades of admissions experience and education expertise. As some of the first test prep companies to deliver personalized instruction exclusively online, The Admissions Project’s preferred partners are industry disruptors, maximizing investment and results for students and their families.

Our Process


In our introductory discussion, we will gather a wide range of information that will influence how we personalize and craft our plan. This includes testing history, consideration of all upcoming testing opportunities, academic performance, learning style, any learning differences (such as dyslexia or ADHD), accommodations (extra time), and much more.


It is essential to know what tests to take and when to take them. Our test-mapping process will define the right areas of focus based on their top schools’ requirements and intended major—while planning a well-paced set of milestones from prep to test dates.


Once we have created a set of clearly defined goals, one of our testing partners will schedule a proctored diagnostic test. The results will inform our master plan and drive our next steps.


Every tutor is hand-selected based on the student’s abilities, schedule, and personality. We work exclusively with a team of compassionate, creative young men and women based throughout the United States.

Every tutor is required to have scored in the top 1% on standardized tests and to maintain their familiarity by sitting for one of the tests every year.


Each plan is entirely customized—what happens next depends on the student.

Our measure of success is not only improving test results but creating a platform for successful admissions outcomes.

As we invest in their abilities we’ll also identify themes in essays, coursework, and other key admissions activities to create a cohesive narrative that will set students apart from the competition—and poise them for exceptional success.

“We are thrilled that Stacey encouraged our daughter to prep just a bit more. Although she had already secured a 1520—a great score by any standard—she took the SAT again and brought her score up to a 1560. This improvement undoubtedly made her a stronger candidate in the applicant pool.”

—Client/Parent of a Columbia University Student

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