99th Percentile Scorers: When have you scored high enough?

It is not uncommon for a new student to begin working with me and announce at our first meeting, “I have a 1520, so I’m done with the SAT.”

While I completely understand wanting to never see another bubble answer sheet again, I remind students that have a score in the low 1500s that with a little prep, a score above 1550 is in striking distance. Every single time – without exception – I have encouraged my students in this position to continue with a bit more very focused prep, they sit for another test and score above 1550.

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Recently I had a student go to 1560 and another to 1570. They were thrilled at what 4 weeks of additional work had netted them; while they stayed within the same percentile – 99th – they demonstrated additional mastery. When it’s time to split hairs between one fabulous applicant and another fabulous applicant, the higher test scores will most likely keep the student in the admit pile.

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